Don't stagnate in your suffering. Move now or you could make your dream life impossible..

Activate your Inner Light and you'll see the life hints you're longing for.
JOIN ONLINE COURSE Health, Wealth and Relationships through reading the Life Hints
Imagine What Your Life Would Become If You could feel...
powerful and attractive to others

that you ONLY saw possibilitie
You felt like you were unleashing ...

your full potential to create change in your own life and in the lives of those around you
absolutely free...

knowing you would never have to struggle to reach wealth, health or the right relationships
excited again...

…because the universe always brought you who and what you needed!
It's empowering. It's healing. The Light Activation Process is the hidden secret to limitless connection with the Source.
Anxious to clear out those stubborn mental blocks
Who are hungry for spiritual growth and Who need to heal both body and soul
Wanting complete control of their lives and happiness
Pining for unconditional love that supports even their biggest dreams
To access all that power, we are proud to present The Light Activation Process (LAP), designed for people...
What Is Light Activation Process?
LAP is a modern technique based on:
By using LAP, you are able to release the worst mental and emotional block,
that stop even the simplest ability to attract and meet goals. Those mental and emotional blocks infiltrate their roots deep into:
extensive research into the unconscious and subconscious mind
sacred knowledge about energy body and energy healing systems
cutting edge research about brain and pineal gland to remove mental and emotional belief blocks behind stagnation and struggle
physical body
energy bodies
emotional and mental bodies
LAP is a unique technique that goes beyond the physical structure of your brain to pull up those mental and emotional blocks by the roots
Is the Light Activation Process

Yes. Maybe you've felt like something in your life was working against you. It was nothing you could hear, see, or touch, but there was some force that stopped anything from ever working right.

Some people call it bad luck. Other people call it fate. Whatever you have called it, LAP is the uniquely effective process to banish it forever.
Common signs that you are experiencing so-called "bad luck" include:
Struggling to attract the money to live your ideal lifestyle or even make ends meet.
Relationships that feels strained no matter how much you give.
Feeling unfulfilled, as though living a scripted life you didn't write.
A feeling of spiritual emptiness no matter how much time and energy you devote to spiritual practice.
Getting passed over for that promotion or job offer you worked so hard to get.
Common Signs That You Are In Need
Of the Light Activation Process:
Everything of what happens to us on a day to day basis is really helping us to understand who we truly are
We've all met people who, despite their roadblocks, manage to create purposeful and profoundly spiritual lives. They're hugely successful and become a light to lead others
We've also all met people who, despite having every advantage and luxury, are chronically broke, lonely, bored, and miserable.
What are the Results
of the Light Activation Process?
You feel inspired knowing that the goals, possessions, and circumstances you once considered a think of "luck" are now not only possible, they've been waiting for you to embrace them all along!
You feel grateful because your life becomes so filled with joy and abundance that your heart overflows with gratitude.
You feel empowered knowing that you have full control over your life.
You feel relieved and FREE from the broken record of negativity that has been playing in your head for years.
You feel awakened and fully in-tune with the Source power, aware of every note in the universe's subtle symphony.
You feel purposeful knowing that you can use these same skills to help others.
The difference?
Those successful people were able to read the life hints. Those who stagnated in their suffering could not.
The successful people managed to collaborate with the universe. In fact, they were even able to apply the light of their success to others' lives.
Most of us let the common but dangerous idea of "limitations" invade our mind. These beliefs set up camp with no intention of leaving. We cry out in protest and complain of our "bad luck," and then we simply attract more of the same.
We rob ourselves of the abundance and joy that is our birthright.
Most of us are just going through the motions. Most of us are waiting for the desired circumstances to just "happen" to us. But the Light is there, and to survive, we need to activate it.
Discover the healing power of The Light Activation Process that's considered the hidden
secret to limitless connection with the Source
The Light Activation Process Course with Maria Samarina
The ultimate resource for banishing restrictive beliefs and clearing the way for you to effortlessly create the abundant and amazing life you deserve!
· To date, more than 60,000 students worldwide have studied the Light Activation Process
· Maria Samarina, the main mentor of the LAP course, studied the subconscious mind at Stanford (USA) and developed her own scientifically-grounded method
· Samarina works with both politicians and businessmen and women across the USA

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